Janessa Gans Wilder
Founder & CEO

Janessa Gans Wilder, a former CIA analyst, founded Euphrates on the heels of a 21-month assignment..

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Hillary Brownell
Director of Operations

Hillary Brownell was first drawn to the Middle East through studies of North Africa and literature

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Sally Bown
Chapters Program Manager

Sally has been interested in international humanitarian movements since she was a kid.

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Rick Schaberg
Media and Communications Manager

Ricky pursued video production throughout college...

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Kristin Lauria
Publications Contributor

Kristin Lauria became inspired by the power of people to overcome differences and divisive...

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Board Of Directors

Chuck Wattles
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chuck Wattles has worked for many years in both international and domestic...

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Rebecca Tobias
Vice President, Board of Directors

Rebecca Tobias is a Global Council Trustee of the United Religions Initiative...

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Kent Libbe
Chief Financial Officer

Kent Libbe brings his 35 years of business experience to the Euphrates Institute...

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Joy Schwentker
Board of Directors

Joy Schwentker’s interest in the Middle East began when she travelled to Syria...

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Glenn Williams
Board of Directors

Glenn Williams is retired after 25 years fundraising for his alma mater, Washington State...

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Craig Hunter

Craig Hunter has been a Los Angeles trial lawyer for about 30 years...

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Nathan Blaisdell
Media Intern

Nathan Blaisdell was first inspired by Euphrates' peace building work in college, where he ...

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