Seattle, WA

seattle peacebuilding


Our chapter will focus on demonstrating, as we can best accomplish, the Euphrates Institute vision:

…[to] foster hope for pressing Middle East challenges by informing people about the issues, inspiring them with examples of solutions to the region’s challenges, and transforming them into engaged global citizens.


  • To increase our knowledge of the Seattle-area Middle Eastern community, being a resource concerning upcoming Seattle events ie: local cultural festivals, courses, interfaith groups, etc.
  • To get involved in a local cultural festival
  • To host a speaker / educator on Middle Eastern issues
  • To visit a mosque and Jewish synagogue, and increase dialogue with their respective communities
  • To increase knowledge and use of reliable and credible news sources regarding the Middle East
  • To widen our network between fellow grassroots peace organizations
  • To unite as a peace-building front and an engaged conscience, increasing dialogue with the public about the Middle East and our ability to be a prominent role as a grassroots organization

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