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We use your donations to inform, inspire, and transform relations between the Middle East and West. Thank you for your partnership for peace.

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These examples from the past year alone show the power of your investment.

–When the Paris terrorist attacks occurred, our Founder was able to circulate a just-completed cover story entitled ISIS and Islamic Extremism: Where Did It Come From and How Do We Respond? In it, she provides an expert overview of the group’s origins, tactics, and peaceful solutions that is garnering widespread praise.

–We are reaching millions of people with a PSA broadcasting our message of hope on CBS. We received feedback from a Muslim viewer: “I loved your ad and God bless you for doing this work. I know the world will change because of people like you spreading a message like this.”

–Since February, a dozen Euphrates Chapters across the world have been created, including in India, Palestine, and Belgium—with more signing up all the time.

–Our Visionary of the Year, Zuhal Sultan, founded the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq at the age of 17, which united youth across the country amidst seething conflict. Thanks to the speaking tour we coordinated for her this past fall, she has rededicated herself to continuing the orchestra, which had been halted by ISIS’ efforts.

–A Global Advisory Council of senior leaders in their fields has been developed to advise Euphrates during this critical time of evolution from a start-up to a sustainable organization.



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