Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan chapter

In a country that has been hosting an increasing number of Syrian refugees, which has consequently altered the demographic situation, we need to adapt to the new situation. From helping kids in the neighborhood with their studies, it is alarming to see how they often do not accept the differences of others.

The main goal for this Chapter is to help school students grow with a good state of mind, which is to live peacefully, to unleash negative beliefs about others, to believe in themselves and better see the world. “Spreading Respect, Love, and Peace among School Students.”


  • Teach school students the simplest definitions of peace and conflict, and the causes of conflict on a social level
  • Explain how conflict can affect their daily life and how they can learn to deal with it
  • Give them simple tools to implement inner peace
  • Expose them to thought-provoking situations and see what kinds of solutions they come up with
  • Show others respect, compassion, and love

To join or contact this Chapter, please email with “Amman Chapter” somewhere in the subject line.

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