Ngozi, Burundi

Recognizing the necessity of peace, we, the members of the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development/Euphrates Burundi declare:

Burundi is mainly known for its lengthy socio-political crisis, civil strife, and poverty. However, there has been some progressive development concerning peace and human rights, like the creation of the National Independent Human Rights Commission in 2011, and the National Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015, etc. Unfortunately, political violence escalated in the aftermath of the 2010 and 2015 elections with scores of politically motivated killings. Members of both political parties usually use violence to settle political battles. Both groups operated with widespread impunity as the justice system remains politicized and weak. Civil society activists and journalists face harassment and intimidation for reporting human rights abuses. No nation can experience sustainable development without all of its citizens being fully integrated, including protection under the law. This is why the initiatives outlined in the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development/Euphrates Burundi are imperative for transforming Burundi by investing in our youth and their God-given potential. We intend to plant the seeds of social change, justice, democracy, and human rights. Then the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development/Euphrates Burundi vision is a peaceful, democratic society, with citizen engagement, good governance, and human rights activism. Its mission is to disseminate a culture of peace and democracy, and to encourage young people to create the conditions for sustainable peace and human security by empowering individuals with the capacity to foster dialogue and reconciliation.

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