Hebron, Palestine

Volunteering for Peace

Volunteering for Peace formed in 2005, and combined with Euphrates in 2015 in order to work closer together on our shared goals of peacebuilding and bringing people together.

VFP, is a Palestinian non-governmental organization aiming to participate in establishing a bridge between the different youth groups in Palestine.

Purpose: Serving as a platform for Palestinian youth to take part in regional and International Youth events.

Vision: Involved Palestinian youth and a vibrant Palestine.

History and Establishment: Volunteering for Peace was created to establish a bridge between the different groups in Palestine and the rest of the world. The idea came to create a working group which can engage and discuss different aspects of daily life and to encourage cooperation between different faith groups. The name derived from a Euromed program that took place in Greece, in which participants from different countries met in Greece to discover more about every community and every faith in prospective to peace. Volunteering for Peace participated in various local and international faith groups activities. Volunteering for Peace is passionately active in the field on non-violence and peace building. We organize different workshops, training programs and exchanges in topics related to interfaith, non-violence, peace building, conflict resolution, intercultural learning and many other topics.

Visit the Volunteering for Peace website here.

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