Islamabad, Pakistan

The Euphrates Chapter in Islamabad, Pakistan was initiated by a team from the PINPOINT, “Peace Ideas & Non-Profit Organization on Inter-National Talks.” Previously, it was also known as PINPOINT Institute. The purpose is to focus on international relations, foreign policy, and cooperation to build global peace. Euphrates and PINPOINT will work jointly to talk about the most pressing issues the Middle East is confronting under the Pakistan-Middle East Strategic Dialogue Desk. Our purpose is to explore social issues that hinder peace in our society by engaging with people from inter and multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

Chapter Objectives

We aim to:

Create awareness about the current situation in the Middle East by engaging foreign dignitaries, academics, intellectuals, and students in discussions.

Abolish political and religious sectarianism and extremism by engaging religious and political scholars.

Eliminate religious, colour, caste, parochial, racial and linguistic discrimination to develop peace.

Eradicate human rights violations to establish justice, equity, and peace.

Promote unity through interfaith and intercultural dialogues, and personal transformation.

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