Kolkata, India

The Euphrates Kolkata chapter strives to create a platform to establish a dialogue with the Middle East/West Asia in order to bring back to life the contribution of the region and its people to civilizations across the world, over the ages. Through the dialogue, we intend to also provide the scope for a contemporary assimilation of elements to enable the gradual genesis of a cultural symphony unique in its power to ensure that we all find a common place to re-connect despite our differences and diversity. We believe that humanity is what we are all born with and in cultivating a mindset to always try and find ways to accommodate the other, we naturally proceed towards seeking more peaceful and meaningful solutions to the gravest of issues.

Our primary goal is to create awareness amongst the youth of India about the Middle East/West Asia and to sensitize them about their individual responsibility to help their peers amongst the Middle Eastern/West Asian crowd to find the solutions to their issues in peace and a new world order which provides them with a home in young hearts.

Chapter Leader – Sohini Jana


To join or contact this Chapter, please email chapters@euphrates.org with “Kolkata Chapter” somewhere in the subject line.

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