Monrovia, Liberia

The Euphrates Institute (Liberia) is dedicated to building relationships with our brothers in our community and around the world against hate, violence and discrimination for a just, peaceful and sustainable society where the future generation will take an alternative action of love, care and respect for humanity rather than wars, hate and violence.

We realized the difficult life conditions, the negative impacts and the misconceptions that have characterized the conflict in the Middle East between the Israeli and the Palestine including Iraq, Syria and other conflict areas; and considering them as our brothers, we intend to create an environment of love, care and respect for each other’s tradition, origin and acceptance of each other as members, relatives, people of faith, goodwill, leaders of the community and one blood relation of a nation who should work and live together for peace and progress.

  • We hope to develop social and spiritual connections through education about the believe and practices of Euphrates Institute to enable us to work with our Middle Eastern brothers cooperatively and interdependently to support the achievement of peace, harmony, and development with our brothers to live in peace with each other in our communities and the world.
  • We value opportunities to recognize every member of the community who works and realizes the importance of the peacebuilding initiatives by reaching out to every member and considering each other as a brother for the protection, survival and development of the next generation.
  • We promote social cohesion; encourage community leaders, people of faith, and goodwill including youth leaders to seek commitment and practical solutions through dialogue as a way and means to sustain the peace, achieve the heart’s desires, wishes, goals and aspirations for the benefit of the next generation.

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