St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University

The St. Lawrence University Chapter was established in September of 2016 by Ivy Raines ‘18.

The goal of the St. Lawrence Chapter is to cultivate an environment of peace and understanding about the Arab World, both on our campus and in the wider community. We approach this task through the Euphrates vision to Inform, Inspire, and Transform.

We actively work to inform our community about the Middle East and North African region through hosting weekly “crash courses” on pressing topics and events.

Our chapter additionally sponsors opportunities on and off campus to inspire members to seek solutions and tactics in combating regional challenges. This is offered through workshops , lectures, and conferences in which members are encouraged to network with those who are working towards similar peace efforts.

Lastly, we seek to transform our members and our campus community through activism and philanthropic events throughout the year to encourage community engagement and creating outlets in which individuals feel they can make a meaningful impact across borders.

To join or contact this Chapter, please email with “St. Lawrence University Chapter” somewhere in the subject line.

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