University of California, Riverside

We hope to establish a new mindset of the culture and events in the Middle East, and to form a new community of open-minded thinkers working together to discuss how to help and change the world around us starting with a focus on small Middle Eastern Communities and hopefully expanding. In order for a big change to happen there needs to be worldwide awareness of what needs to happen and a community all working together to make that happen. I believe Euphrates can be our tool in order to make this global reaction occur.

The Riverside Chapter’s primary focus will be to start in small communities in the Middle East and make a difference there. Step by step we will be changing and making the whole region a community who all want change.


To accomplish this purpose we will:

  1. a) Discuss current events and news in the areas we are focused on.
  2. b) Understand what the people are going through and what they need.
  3. c) Demonstrate ideas on how we will be able to help.
  4. d) Execute these ideas and make a difference.


To join or contact this Chapter, please email with “Riverside Chapter” somewhere in the subject line.

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