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“The Middle East will remain the core region of global instability and challenge to U.S. interests and global values. The work of Euphrates Institute—broad understanding of the issues at play there, and as much people-to-people contact as possible—is essential to build support inside and outside the U.S. for smart policies.” — Ambassador James Jeffrey

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We are inspired by the Middle East as a cradle of civilization and the place where the global issues of security, energy, and religion and their impact are most concentrated.

We strive to practice the Golden Rule, locally and globally.

We believe the world is interconnected and interdependent.

We believe there is a solution to every global challenge.

We seek to humanize the Other.

We get beyond headlines of despair and highlight the good.

We agree with Albert Einstein’s sentiment that problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.

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Read the 2016 Euphrates Annual Review

–Our recent trip to the Middle East was groundbreaking—group members overcame prejudices, fears, and hopelessness and listened with compassion to all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—and became peacebuilders themselves.

–We now have Chapters across the world—and more joining all the time.

–Our Visionary of the Year is taking on the darkest subject—Syrian refugees—and bringing light. Nousha Kabawat, a young Syrian-Canadian is changing lives through education and empowerment.

–Our founder is sharing the Euphrates message far and wide. Just this year, she was featured on a nationally-televised CBS special, gave a TEDx talk, several keynotes, and wrote a critically acclaimed cover story on ISIS—Where did it come from and how do we respond?

“Euphrates engages me in a hope for our world beyond division and war itself.” — Emily Odell, 2016 trip participant



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