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We believe people of all different colors, races, religions, creeds, beliefs, and opinions can live together in peace. We believe that it is natural to love, and that we can turn the “other” into our brother.

The Euphrates Chapters program gives you the chance to take action right where you are, and is open to anyone, anywhere. The program gives you a network of likeminded people all around the world working for a common cause: peace.

We invite you to join us in working to lessen fear, hatred, and conflict. Start a Euphrates Chapter in your college, school, workplace or place of worship –even with a group of friends; or, check our list of active Chapters to find one in your area!

Euphrates Chapters are directed by people like you, and you can choose to focus on what interests you most, whether it be interfaith, culture, language, peacebuilding, supporting refugees, working against fear and hatred, community outreach, or something else.

Here’s a quick list of a few of the things our Chapters have accomplished in the last year:

– Visited mosques, synagogues, and churches
– Planned a foreign policy roundtable on the presidential candidates
– Attended the United Nations on the International Day of Peace
– Conceived and performed a Syrian refugees monologue series
– Traveled to the Middle East and Asia to support peacebuilding
– Hosted a variety of renowned speakers and authors and attended local events and films
– And much more!

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