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If you’re interested in spreading the message of peace, we encourage you to add the #prepareforpeace hashtag to your social media profile pictures.

Adding this hashtag to the bottom of a picture is easy. There are two ways to do it.

First way: Save the #prepareforpeace graphic below and add it to a photo of yourself using the Layout app by Instagram, which you can download for free from the iTunes or the Android stores. When you open the app on your phone, simply select your profile picture and the #prepareforpeace image, then select the second layout option and save it. Then just upload it to facebook and twitter.


Second way: Go to this link and click the “add to twitter” or “add to facebook” buttons. (This way will also send an automatic tweet asking others to help support the campaign.)

Here are some example pictures, and when you create your own, make sure you tweet us at @EuphratesTweet to tell us! We’ll even add it here if you want!

IMG_3382 IMG_3384 IMG_3380

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