Transformation in the Holy Land – Fall 2016

Transformation in the Holy Land – Fall 2016

Our three-week journey through the ancient lands of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan proved to be a life-changing experience. Opportunities to talk with government officials, members of Jewish settlements, and Palestinian refugees helped us better understand the complexities of the region’s present-day challenges.

We were deeply inspired by individuals who, in the midst of hopelessness, continue to uplift their communities through their peacebuilding efforts. Listen to their visions of peace in the video below:

Our group of lawyers, educators, former diplomats, foresters, and environmental activists contributed their own unique perspectives to the conversation. As participants listened compassionately to the narratives shared by a vast spectrum of people on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide, they also learned to examine their personal narratives. Meeting with individuals who have practiced peace and forgiveness against all odds has empowered them to constructively address areas of conflict, starting in their own lives.


During our time in Jordan, we met our Visionary of the Year, Nousha Kabawat, and volunteered at her school for Syrian refugee children in Jerash. It was remarkable to watch Nousha in action, offering a sense of light and hope to Syria’s next generation through the work of her organization, Project Amal ou Salam (Hope and Peace).


“Everything I experienced on the trip was a source of amazing inspiration. It was a masterclass in understanding the complexities of the past, the challenges of the present, and the path to achieving a just, peaceful, and hopeful future in the Middle East, and for humanity.” — Alex H., trip participant

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